Testing Canceled

27 05 2009

Yeah, testing canceled. I didn’t get very people as I thought I would. So I’ll bring it up again next year when the time is right.



8 05 2009

Change of plans, I will be having an art contest with designs, logos, art, etc. for my blog. You can do it by computer, painting, doodling, and all the that other stuff.

Here are the rules:

1) You can take designs from other’s, but no copyrighted ones.
2) No bad logos.
3) Don’t put any people or club penguin related stuff.
4) No fuzzy stuff.

Good news everyone! The header has been made!

25 04 2009


Beta Testing June 1st

25 04 2009

The widgets are almost done. I’m gonna add some more things to the blog, such as a header, search widget, design, etc. So yeah I am going to need creative designs or logos from you. If you have any please submit them.

Oh and yeah, beta testing June 1st. Beta testing can’t be now because I’m still setting up. If there’s a problem I might reschedule to July 1st. Sign ups start around the last two weeks of May. Five qualified users will beta test on this blog on June. Please advertize this blog, it would be a big help. Also lots of contests are coming up after testing such as: Coin Code contests, Rare Penguin, Membership, etc. So if you want you can donate them to the blog for the upcoming contests in a few months.

~ Global

Regrand Opening Of This Blog

19 04 2009

Thank god nobody was viewing this blog. Hard to believe, but I have been posting on my WordPress blog and got tired on here. I haven’t been posting on this website for over a year. I had to admit Blogspot is a fine website. Soon I will be blogging on this place.

To those viewers who saw my site at http://gardenax.wordpress.com/ , here lies a new era of my blogging,”Globalsavior Period.” And no, I am not going through a period, first of all I am a boy. As you can see on Gardena Chill Out that I have been blogging for over a year. But once I reach the 100 k mark of viewings, I will open this blog as a new period to my blogging, effort, and thanks to all the friends I’ve made after all these months, even those I’ve known for a really long amount of time. Maybe since 2007.

I do not know when I will be moving blogs. Besides, when I move to this blog, I won’t delete the old blog. Incase you wanna check out old memories, feel free to stop by there. But I guarantee you this place will be much better than the other one. Contests, Comedy, Fun, Donations, and more! So be sure to keep checking out for any updates. And don’t worry! Before I leave WordPress and onto BlogSpot, I will give an early stop to tell when I will be moving. I promise not to leave any friends behind.

So remember guys, the journey doesn’t end here! Until then,

~ Globalsavior

Update: Testers needed! Starting on June, I will find testers to test the blog for any errors, delays, slowing down of computer, spam, etc. I am currently not hiring testers right now. I am setting up for the blog. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/2009-04-20-baby-mammoth_N.htm?se=yahoorefer

Giving Back To Blogs

24 01 2009

            Something came to my mind 2 weeks ago. So it brung me to this post. Why did I name it, Giving Back To Blogs? Let’s find out. So not only do we give back to the Earth, but why can’t do it to blogs. I haven’t really planned this yet, so don’t try it. If you wanna try it for yourself go ahead. But the only thing is that, it’s not gonna be involved here.

            So the plan is to find a blog. You’re gonna support the blog. Find a blog within less than 2,000 hits. Comment on there blog, compliment them. Ask the person if they want more hits, maybe ask them to be an admin. Now if they don’t add you as an admin at least support their blog by bringing viewers or commenting everyday. Or whatever it takes to help their blog. The key is to at least make 1,000+ hits on their blog and to help them. There is more to this. Right now I’m not sure if all of us will do join this. It was not planned. And this is not a complete post. If you’re wondering why I can’t do this, is cause viewers on this blog weren’t noticed or agreed.

A Fresh New Start

24 01 2009

            I’m gonna start to post on this blog. I’ve deleted the last 50-70 posts that were made here from August and decided to start over for the New Years. Please continue to visit here. I’ve only made 1,300 Hits since the site has started, and I want to continue to build on. This soon will become my permanent blog. I have an old blog called Gardena Chill Out. I will continue to use that blog for a few months. Pretty soon I will move here. All admins here will be deleted. Idk about Nochia.

            This blog will continue to live on as it is to Gardena Chill Out. I’ll continue to post here and at the other blog at the same time.